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All about: Mr Central Heating

Are you building your new house of your dreams? Are you renovating your old house? Are you a constructor? Then, you probably already know the importance of central heating equipment. You also know that finding the best heating equipment at the lowest prices, is not an easy task. If you have found yourself searching and searching in the heating market, it is time to visit one of the Mr Central Heating stores. Read the following article and find out all that you need to know about Mr Central Heating.


At Mr Central Heating stores, you can find all that you want, regarding heating.
Some of the most popular Mr Central Heating products are electric boilers, Potterton gold boilers, towel rails, column radiators, gas radiators, cylinders, bathroom suites, Lavata taps and water softeners. You can visit the official website of Mr Central Heating at and find out more technical information on the Mr Central Heating products.

Delivery options

Mr Central Heating provides its clients a variety of delivery options. You can make your delivery by one of the following ways: by contacting a Mr Central Heating store by telephone, post, fax or e-mail or by visiting a store. You should contact Mr Central Heating stores for delivery charges.


You can find a Mr Central Heating Store in seven populous United Kingdom places, namely in: -Portsmouth (The Pompey Centre, Fratton Way, Southsea) -Midlands (Mariner Park, Landsberg, Lichfield Road, Industrial Estate, Tamworth) -Essex (5 Bridge Parade, Perry Street, Billericay) - Surrey (2 Bensham Lane, Croydon) -North London (28 Rushgrove Avenue, The Hyde, Colindale) -Kent (Capital Industrial Estate Crabtree Manorway South, Belvedere, Erith) in -Scotland (50 Kelvin Avenue, Hillington, Glasgow).
Information on the stores If you want more information about contacting one of the Mr. Central Heating stores, you can visit the company’s official website and click under the ‘Contact’ section. You will find the stores’ phone numbers and e-mail addresses and also maps and directions if you are not familiarised with the each store’s area.
Visiting hours
Also, note that visiting hours may vary amongst Mr Central Heating stores and therefore it would be better to contact the store that is nearest to you before visiting.

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