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How to create a new Hotmail account

Creating a new email is easy! All you need is a mail account with the email provider. If you do not have one, email sign-up is easy. This article teaches you how to open a Hotmail email account.

Creating a new Hotmail account

1.To set up new email, go to the Hotmail account website at The 'WindowsLive' screen is displayed. This email is free - anyone can get a new account using this.
2.Click on Sign up. The 'Create your Hotmail account screen' is displayed. The account that you are going to create is your Windows Live ID. This allows you to manage Hotmail, Xbox, and it also gives you the chance to register with MSN also. Provide the required details in the email sign-up form.

Filling the online email form

1. Get an address by filling the Hotmail address field. You can choose a Hotmail ID or a Live ID. You can choose a live ID by clicking the down arrow on the address field. Use your desired name. You can use a combination of first name, middle name, last name, or an alias name, a pet name, and so on. You can also include numbers, periods, hyphens and underscores. Other special characters are not allowed. We will create a sample email here by using a combination of the initials, R, K and some numbers – 2. Click the 'Check availability' button to see if the ID can be created. 3. If that ID is already in use, a list of available IDs with different combinations is displayed. Note that they will have Hotmail and also Windows Live option. You can select one of them. Let us select the first option, 4. Create a password which is strong with a minimum of six characters. It is important to use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Do not use passwords which are easy to guess. The Alternate email address field
Her you should provide another email address other than Hotmail in case you forget the password. If the Hotmail ID is your only email ID, choose the option, Or choose a security question for password reset. Two fields for the Question and Secret answer are displayed when you select this option. Click on the arrow and you will see a list of questions. Choose the question and type your secret password. Fill the rest of the following fields:
First name
Last name
State ZIP Code
Birth year Fill the Enter the characters you see box below and click on the 'I accept' button. You are taken to your Hotmail or Msn new account. Congratulations, you have just created your own email account!

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