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How to deal with difficult people at work?

Having to deal with problematic co workers or difficult people at your job is something that nobody should have to experience. This article will provide some simple tips on how to work with difficult people, and if necessary how to deal with them.

Ignore them

Pretend that they don't exist Do what your parents always told you to do and rise above any difficult situations you may find yourself in with the individual who is causing you hassle.Whether it is a bullying colleague or simply a loud mouthed person that distracts you from your work, try and ignore their attempts to wind you up.

Confront Directly

If you do feel that you are unable to ignore a difficult colleague any longer, try to confront the situation head on. In the case of a loud or anti-social colleague, explain why you feel their behaviour is inappropriate for the workplace and ask them to reconsider their actions. Try to put them in your shoes
If you are being bullied by a colleague, don’t hesitate to go straight to the point. Tell them how their behaviour makes you feel, and explain that you would like them to stop. Chances are, they are unaware of your feelings and the situation will no longer continue.

Understand a different point of view

Reading in-between the lines You may realise that a person’s work attitude is a cry for attention, or for help. It may simply be that the individual has a personality that clashes with your own. If you believe the behaviour is a cry for help, talk to the individual. You may find that the behaviour is soon modified.

Ask others

Chances are that if others haven’t made comments about a particular behaviour, the individual’s actions are something that simply gets on your nerves. However , if other people have made similar complaints, be sure to look to them for support and action. Reporting
If you feel that a colleague is bullying you without the knowledge of other members of staff, bring the nature of the situation to their attention and ask them to observe your behaviour and the behaviour of the individual – if they feel that something is suspicious, ask them to help you.

Talk to your boss

If a co-worker's attitude and behaviour is unable to be resolved through any of the aforementioned ways, then the simplest way of dealing with a problematic co-worker is by taking the situation to a higher level, such as a manager or boss. However, if the problematic individual is your boss, do not fear. Your rights as a worker mean that if you feel bullied or intimidated as an employee, then a company is legally obliged to investigate your claims.

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