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How to do a Brazilian bikini wax

There are many types of bikini waxes available and one of the most popular is the Brazilian one. This style removes all the hair from the front to the back, sometimes a small section is left and is either a simple strip or triangle shape. This is the best option if you opt to wear thongs or want little to no hair from front to back. Read to know more on Brazilian bikini wax styles.

The D.I.Y guide

In order to give yourself a D.I.Y Brazilian bikini wax, you will need a few things: First some good sugaring wax such as Nair’s roll on wax, and then a mirror to see the parts that are hidden from natural view, baby powder and a damp towel. Cut the wax strips into small strips about a quarter of an inch and clean the area to remove any residue from the hair to ensure that the wax sticks. Before you begin to apply the wax, cover the area with baby powder. This will prevent the wax from sticking to the skin and can help to reduce the pain as well. - Start at the top. Apply the wax in the same direction as the hair grows and hold the skin so that it is taut, then remove the strip in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Some hairs will be harder to remove than others and may require a repeated waxing, but allow the area some time to recover before doing so to avoid soreness. Tweezers can be used to remove stubborn hairs, but before you do this, use a wrapped ice cube to numb the area to reduce the discomfort. You can check waxing pictures or Brazilian videos for guidance.


Waxing is painful and the bikini area is very sensitive, so if this is your first wax, opt for taking the hair only at the sides of the panty area and over time, work up to the full Brazilian style. Before you start, make sure that you have everything you need and will not be disturbed for at least 30 minutes. The Brazilian style removes almost all of the hair from the genital area, only the Hollywood version removes it all.

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