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Tips while applying eye make up

People who do not wear make-up on a regular basis may not be aware of some simple eye make-up tips and tricks that can improve their overall appearance. Even professional make-up artists can benefit from learning tips that can improve their technique. With a little practice, everyone can learn how to apply eye make-up like a professional.

Have the right eye make-up tools and equipment

Invest in the right equipment
Applying eye make-up properly will take more than dipping a finger into a tub of eye-shadow. People who want to perfect the art of applying eye make-up will need the right brushes, clean up equipment and tools. Prepare the area
Firstly, it is important that the eye area is in good shape before applying the make-up. This means that the brows should be tidy and the eyelashes should be curled. Tweezers and eyelash curlers can be purchased at a department store for under 10 Euros. Tools needed
Most make-up artists use brushes to apply everything except pencil eye-liner. The ideal eye make-up kit will have a large eye-shadow brush, a small eye-shadow brush, an eye-liner brush as well as a mascara brush. Using brushes allows a more precise application. This will also improve the overall look of the make-up. Tips for cleaning
It is important to keep some tissues, baby wipes and cotton buds on hand to clean up after any mistakes. These items can be purchased at a grocery or department store.

Eye make-up tips and tricks

Always start from the brows
When applying make-up to the eye area, the person applying the make-up should start at the brows and work their way down. The brows should be lightly coloured in with a brow pencil for a natural look. Applying eye-shadow
When working on the eye shadow, light eye-shadow should applied as a base. This can go all the way up to the eyebrow. More colourful shadow can be applied on top of the base shade. Beginners should experiment with different designs and colours. Applying eye-liner
It is now time to apply the eye-liner. Beginners will find that Kohl pencils are much easier to use than liquid liners. However with a bit of practice, it should be easy enough to apply liquid eye-liner in a perfect line. Last step
Applying the mascara is the last step of the process. People who want a more natural look can opt to apply clear mascara.

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