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How to draw anime feet?

Anime is an instantly recognisable art style that originates in Japan and has developed a large following in Western cultures. Similar to Manga, anime is short for animation, although both moving and still anime images exist. This tutorial will examine the techniques required to master the art of drawing anime style feet.

Step 1

Choose a reference guide
A good place to start would be to find a similar image of an anime-style foot drawing to use as a reference guide.
Don't worry, this isn't cheating - having a visual comparison will help fill in all the little details that are difficult to memorise and is especially useful for elements such as shadows and shading.
The good news is, anime is everywhere, so finding a sample image shouldn't be too difficult.

Step 2

Sketch the outline
Patience is the key to the best drawings and planning plays in a big part in any work of art.
Sketching the outline of the image in light pencil shades will help keep the dimensions of the legs and feet in proportion and will save a lot of hassle later on, if things start to go wrong!
Using the prepared reference guide, draw basic shapes to form the basis of the foot, including a cylinder for the ankle, a circle for the heel and a half-peanut shape for the foot.
The character may look a little like a robot at first, but don't worry - this is just a starting point.

Step 3

Add the detail
It's time to turn those shapes into a realistic picture.
Even if the character is supposed to be wearing shoes, start by drawing the foot and then simply wrap the footwear around the toes.
Remember that body parts are rarely perfectly straight, so the more realistic the character is supposed to look, the more imperfections can be added to their features, such are crooked toes and curved soles.
Be creative and experiment to get the perfect look - no two feet are the same and two different characters can have two different foot forms entirely.

Step 4

Shading and colouring
Shading adds a lot of depth and character to any drawing and the feet are no exception.
Depending on the angle of the foot, any number of places can be given some extra shadow, including the anklebone, the heel and in-between the toes. Of course, anime wouldn't be anime without the vibrant colours that bring the picture alive, so be sure to use a mixture of shades to really bring the character to life.
Skin tones and even clothes are rarely one colour, so blend several shades together to make the character look their best.

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