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How to dress for your body shape?

Once you know what your body type is, you can dress in a way that flatters your best qualities and minimises the emphasis on your body issues. Read more about the different body types so you can start dressing to impress.

The pear shape

Body shape
You have a pair shape if your upper body is smaller than your bottom part. This is the most common of all body types. What you need to do is dress in a way that does not emphasize the larger part of your body. How to dress?
Wear A Line skirts, straight legged trousers and swing coats. Famous pear shapes: Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce

The apple shape

Body shape
You have an apple shape if the top half of your body is larger than the bottom half. With clothes you want to try and even out this difference. How to dress?
Don't wear clothes that have a high neck or cling at the top. This only puts more focus on the apple shape. Stripes, shoulder pads and belts on the waist help give you more definition around your midriff. Famous apple shapes: Jennifer Hudson, Jessica Simpson

The rectangle shape

If you do not have a lot of curves, and have a straight body line, you have a rectangle body shape. Where other body types want to dress down their curves, you want to create the illusion of curves. How to dress?
Do this by dressing in prints, combining colours and putting emphasis on your waist. Sporty clothes also look great and because this body type often has a smaller bust, you can wear open backed clothes and dresses of draped materials. Famous rectangle shapes: Nicole Kidman, Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz

The hourglass type

The hourglass type is the most envied because this is the most ideal female body type. You have this if you have curves and a well defined waist. But just because on paper you have the best type, it can still be hard to find clothes that fit right. A dress can be too tight on the bust, and too loose on the waist. How to dress?
Find fitted fabrics and don't be afraid to show your curves.
Go for deep neck lines and strapless dresses. If you wear baggy clothes to hide your bigger bust and behind, you will find that you look bigger than you actually are. Famous Hourglasses: Marilyn Monroe, Kate Winslet, Halle Berry, Sophia Loren

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