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How to drywall in my home?

Knowing how to install drywall and plaster board is a key skill in renovating a home. In this article we'll show you how to hang drywall and give you a range of finishing techniques.

Prepare your tools

Before you start you'll need to make sure that you have the correct tools for the job. Here are the minimum requirements: Drywall tape
Drywall nails or screws
Drywall knife (safety knife)
Straight edge or T-square
Drywall compound or finishing plaster

Prepare your workspace

Drywall and plasterboard are relatively delicate, so make sure that you have a clear work space before you start. Try to move any furniture or other tools like ladders out of the way so that you don't damage your drywall materials. You may also need to protect the floor by laying down sheeting.

Cut your drywall to size

If you can use a safety knife then you know how to cut drywall! It doesn't take a lot of work to cut through the material so make sure that you cut slowly and carefully. Use a straight edge or T-square to make sure that you get a clean ninety degree cut.

Start at the top

It may be helpful to have a work mate help you for this step. It is important to hang the top piece of plasterboard first. This prevents having any gaps at the junction between the wall and ceiling. Use some no-nails adhesive on the joists and carefully position the drywall in place. Next, use some drywall screws and the drill to secure the plasterboard to the wooden joists.

Install the second piece

Most walls will need two pieces to cover from the ceiling to the floor. Work from top to bottom installing the sheets as described above. When you reach the bottom of the wall you may need to lift the sheet a little to allow it to meet the last piece. When learning how to put up drywall, this is the step that causes the most concern. Do not be too worried about a small gap at the bottom as this will be hidden by the skirting boards. In order to lift the plasterboard, you can get a specialist drywall lifter or you can simply use your foot and a claw hammer.

Finish the drywall

Use drywall tape to hide the joins in the sheets. When you have covered all the joins, skim the surface with drywall compound or some drywall plaster. This stage is the biggest difference between the amateurs and the professionals. Professionals spend a long time learning how to finish and texture drywall, so do not be frustrated if this stage takes a long time. Work slowly, carefully and you will be happy with your DIY drywall project for years to come.

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