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How to make a U-shaped desk

It is not difficult to make a U-shaped desk as long as you are aware that U-shaped desks are actually three I-shaped office desks put together. The first thing you need to do is determine the dimensions of your desk and put together the materials. All you need now is the right tools and you are minutes away from making your U-shaped desk.


Check tools required: Before you start the project, you must have the following tools: · Electric drill · Measuring tool, pencil · Mitre angle and level Cutting the plywood Take the plans of your desk and take out the dimensions of the plywood boards. Now, you must get the plywood cut at the dimensions that you need. Mark and cut the largest sheets first and then cut the rest of the boards trying not to waste plywood. Make sure that all the boards which will be standing up have the same dimensions.

Putting together the first I-shaped desk

You must put together the part of the U desk which will be in front of you as you sit at your desk. Mark and connect the parts using one-inch flathead screws. Use the
L-brackets to make the desk more stable. Make sure that you have enough room to place your legs under the desk in front of you. Do not assemble the backboard.

Putting together the second I-shaped desk

Normally, a U-shaped desk does not have equal sides. It is very often that the right side is shorter than the left side. Put together the longer I-shaped desk if this is the case. Again, use L-shaped brackets to give stability to the desk. Use one-inch flathead screws to connect the components. Always mark before you drill. Do not assemble the backboard.

Put together the last I-shaped desk

Finally, you have to put together the last desk. It is probably the shortest. Use L-brackets and one-inch flathead screws. Be careful not to chip the plywood. Do not assemble the backboard.

Assemble the U-shaped desk

Arrange the desk exactly as you want it to look when you will be working. Use the
90-degree angle mitre to make sure all the corners are aligned. Use L-brackets to hold the three I-shaped desks together and assemble all three backboards. Align them perfectly. Use a level to check the height and a 90-degree angle to check the angles.

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