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How to dye your eyebrows at home?

Many people have connected hair coloring with just an everyday action. Color dye can bring out features that can't be seen with your natural hair color. However, having your hair one color and your eyebrows another color may not be the most ideal thing. By following a few easy steps you can dye your eyebrows at home.

Prep your face

Since you are trying to dye such a small section of hair you need to make sure that nothing gets in the way. Wrap your hair into a ponytail or bun so that all of the hairs are out of the way and away from your face. Wash your face to remove any dirt that might be there.

Use hair dye

It is best that you keep your eyebrow color consistent with your hair color. Therefore, if you just dyed your hair, use that hair dye to also dye your eyebrows.

Apply Vaseline around your eyebrows

Use a Cotton swab to apply Vaseline around your eyebrows. Vaseline will help to prevent any hair dye from staining your skin. Therefore, try not to get any Vaseline on your actual eyebrows.

Apply the hair dye

Dip a cotton swab into the bottle of dye without dripping any of the hair dye. Apply the dye to your eyebrows. This is where hair dying can get a bit complicated. Avoid shaking your hand so that you can focus on applying dye to your eyebrows.

Wait for the dye to dry

Leave the dye on your eyebrows until it dries (which is around 15 minutes). Each brand of dye may be different so make sure that you read the instructions on your hair dye package to make sure.

Remove the dye

Take an old wash cloth and wet it with warm water and gently wipe off the dye. Once you have done this rinse your face completely. Make sure that you remove most of the dye with a wash cloth so that no dye gets in your face when you are washing it.

Dye your other eyebrow

Use these steps to dye your other eyebrow so that they are both of the same color. Once both eyebrows have been dyed make sure to wash your face completely to remove any excess dye.

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