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How to fit a rhino roof rack

Rhino roof racks may look complicated to install but they're really not. Here is how to do it.

Frame assembly

First of all take the side rails and fit them in to the corner pieces. There should be four side rails and four corner pieces and once fitted together, you should have a rectangle shape. It is best to do this on the floor. Once they are all fitted in, you will need to take the fastening screws that will have come with the roof rack and screw them in to the end pieces. This can be done simply and effectively with a power drill and there should be four screws per corner which makes a total of sixteen fastening screws.

Installing the planks

You will have four steel planks but two of the planks will have slight grooves on either side of them. These planks go towards each end of the Rhino roof rack and are there to allow space for the fastening screws. Simply place both of these planks in to place at either end and then tap them down to insure that they have a tight fit. The remaining two planks fit in between these two end planks and will not have a groove. Fit these planks in to the place in the same manner as before, tapping down to insure a tight fit.

Securing the planks

Once the planks have been fitted in place, you need to pick up the plank bolts. These fit in to the holes at the sides of the main frame and should be locked in to place using the allun key which is provided. There should be eight of these bolts, one for either end of the planks.

Install on to the car

Bolt the two roof bars which are provided on to the roof of your car in the same manner as you did when securing the steel planks on to the frame. Once these are on, simply slide the roof rack onto the bars with the two shorter ends of the frame facing towards the front and rear of your car. You should then have four screws which are attached to a base. These are then slid in to the roof banels and slotted in to the holes that are on the sides of the roof racks. Again there will be four of these screws and four holes on the panels of the roof rack. Now place the nut and washers that will be provided over the screws to help secure them in place.


Your rhino roof rack should now be safely secured in to your car and you are ready to go!

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