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How to fit teak flooring

In the modern world of interior design, wooden flooring is becoming an increasingly popular choice for both professionals and amateurs alike. Whilst being both practical and easy to maintain, wooden floors also add a beautiful finish to any room. The choice of wood is virtually endless. However, teak wood flooring is a popular choice for many. Here is a guide on how to fit teak flooring.

Measure the room

First, measure the width and length of the room and multiply the results to obtain the square footage. Be sure to purchase at least 10% to allow for wastage.

Lay the paper vapour barrier

Having checked the floorboards for damage and duly rectified where necessary, staple strips of the vapour barrier paper to the floorboards, leaving a 4" overlap. 15 pound tar paper or felt is ideal and relatively cheap.

Start installing the wood

Begin installation at the longest unobstructed wall, leaving a 3/8 for expansion. Use a long and straight board to start the first row. Drill pilot holes down through the hardwood plank and into the floorboards. Face-nail each board at the point of every joist. Then, continue to lay the entire first row.

Fitting the planks together

Note how the planks fit together here: They use a tongue and lip join, so remember when cutting the planks to size, you should not cut the plank so that it has no tongue. The planks should be cut so that they follow a random pattern, making each at least six inches in length. Tip: When cutting planks for the baseboards, select a piece that will fit leaving 10 or 12 inches which can be cut and used to begin the next row, this will cut down on wastage.

Use the nail gun

After the first few rows have been installed, you can revert to using a pneumatic nail gun to secure the planks. To do this, place the gun lip over the edge of the boards and strike firmly with a hammer or mallet. Tip: Use at least two nails for each board, approximately every ten inches.

Reaching the far side

When you reach the far side, you will probably find the gap is too small for a complete plank. You will then have to cut the planks lengthways ensuring that you leave a 3/8 inch gap to the wall for expansion.

'Putty' the holes

Finally, you can place putty into all of the nail holes that have been face-nailed. Make sure to use wood putty that matches your teak hardwood flooring. Wipe off the excess.

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