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Where to buy silent generators

Silent generators can come in handy in many different situations. For example, camping generators used in the countryside, forests or on a beach can't be noisy and neither can a home generator in a residential neighbourhood. It would also be hard to enjoy a fishing trip on a boat which didn't muffle the generator, or an outdoor trip to a holiday park in a caravan for that matter. This article provides a guide to buying silent generators.


Honda generators are probably among the most popular silent generators available on the market. They have many different portable super-quiet generators. Honda's EU series Inverter models are rugged, lightweight and high-quality portable generators that can be used for everything from home backups to recreational outings.
EU series The EU series has models that range from the EU26i portable petrol silent unit for caravans and boats to the fuel efficient 1000 watts EU1000i and the heavy-duty 6500 watts EU6500iS for home backup power, outdoor events and job sites.


For those who want to compare brands, makes and models and generator prices, online shopping sites like Amazon and eBay provide a wider range to choose from. Look under 'Generators & Portable Power' in the 'Patio, Lawn & Garden' category in Amazon. There are dozens of for sale generators listed from Honda, Yamaha, Honeywell and other major brands. eBay offers an even bigger selection with everything from a Honda EU10i for caravans and boats to an Evopower LDG6000S 5000 watts model and a 5.5kw 3 phase silent diesel genset from Suntom.

Power rental

Some may prefer to give it a test run before buying simply to make sure that it works and if it is suitable. If so, there are firms like power Rental and HSS that will provide generators nationwide. They also have generators for sale and therefore, users always have the choice to buy generators after using them once or twice.

Used generators

If price is an issue, then buying a used generator would be a good way to cut back on the generator prices. One such company is DP Generators which can provide used petrol and diesel units from 30 kVA to 1000 kVA. They provide a three-month or 300 hour warranty whichever comes first. eBay has more than a few used silent generators listed for auctions. There are also other dedicated marketplaces for generators like Powerland where people can buy or sell new or used generators. Currently available listings include over 200 models from 1KVA to 3000 KVA.

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