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How to fit wall mounted taps

While traditionally baths tend to be fitted with the 'deck mounted' type of tap that is connected directly to the bath itself, there is a popular alternative and that is wall mounted taps. One of the more popular types here is the 'Bar Valve' type which is often found in shower units too. These wall mounted bath taps tend to have a standard configuration of hot and cold supply. Here follows a brief guide on how to fit them.

Turn off the water supply

Your first job is to stop the water flow. Make sure that you know where the main stop valve and all the other valves are. The main valve is usually found on either side of your water meter - or possibly under the kitchen sink. For the bath, the valve is usually behind an access panel on the side of the bath.

Remove the old taps

Use a claw spanner to disconnect all the tap connectors underneath the sinks or basin. Remove the existing taps. If the new taps have a pop-up waste feature fitted, you will also have to remove the waste fitting. Clean any holes ensuring that they are free of any existing compound.

Fit the tails

Next, you will need to begin mounting the new taps starting with the 'tails' of the tap. This is done by screwing a chrome flange onto the threaded bit of the tail. Then, place a large washer into one of the nuts at the rear of the tap and attach the nut to the tailfinger. Do the same for the other tail. Making any adjustments to the position of the tails, tighten the nuts and then screw the chrome flanges to the nuts.

Secure the taps

Now, insert the tails through the holes in the sink or bath and place all washers over the tails. Secure them to the bath using brass locking nuts. Make sure that you don't over tighten them or you may damage the enamel.

Fit the flexible hoses

Place a flat washer into the female nut on each hose and screw them onto the tails of the taps.

Attach the hoses to the copper pipes

Then attach the other end of the hoses to the hot and cold copper pipes ensuring that you don't mix them up. Then, screw the spout onto the body of the wall mounted basin taps.

Check for leaks

Then turn your water supply back on and turn on the new taps. As the water system begins to fill again, check all the pipes and connections for any leaks.

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