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How to format a memory card?

When any of your technical gadget that works on memory card starts performing slow or hangs while performing tasks, it implies that it requires formatting. This article will tell you about the requirements of formatting along with the right ways of formatting the memory card of different technical devices. After reading it, you will be familiar with the dos and don’ts of formatting a memory card.

Need of formatting

Many of you must be familiar with the term "formatting". We often have to format our laptops or computer systems to erasing its excess data or viruses, to make it work faster. In a similar way, we need to format the memory card of different gadgets after some intervals to improve its speed and enhance its performance.

Steps to format the memory card

To format a memory card, the first requirement is a memory card reader SD. You should remember to keep a backup of all the essential data, documents, and information stored in the memory card, as after formatting, all the data will be erased. Once you have the back up of all crucial data, you can start formatting by following the steps given below:
· Insert the memory card in a memory card reader and then plug the card reader in USB port of your computer.
· Open My computer, right click the drive of the card reader and click on the option of ‘Format’ from the menu.
· After choosing format, choose the desired file system type from the drop down menu of the file system.
· After this, type the volume label of your memory card in the volume label text box and then press the Start button to finally start formatting.
· As soon as you press the start button, a warning dialog box will appear, showing that all the data will be erased as formatting starts. At this point, make sure that you have saved all your important data and then press the OK button.
· At last, a dialog box will appear on the screen, showing that the formatting is completed. This message ensures that your memory card has been successfully formatted.


Formatting is not a very tough or technical job to accomplish. The steps provided above can help you to successfully format your memory card. However, in case of any confusion or hesitation, it is always better to leave the task to an experienced person or use an SD formatter.

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