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How to get a free high school diploma online

A high school diploma is essential in the USA for securing a well paid job or to move on to further education. Many of these diplomas are now available online and in some cases, they are even free. To learn how you can get a free high school diploma online read the guide below.

Distance learning

This type of learning is usually referred to as distance learning and one of the advantages of learning online in your own home is you can learn at the pace that best suits you.
You can also adjust the curriculum to study the topics you enjoy the most. Get tested
Get yourself tested to ascertain your current level of education.
Any online schools that offer high school education and diplomas are able to offer these tests.
The results of these tests will give you a good indication of the subjects that you will be required to take and the amount of learning that will be required by you. Enroll
Once you have found the online school that feels right for you, get enrolled. Some local community organizations also offer at home programs for learning. Do a quick online search and find the one that offers you the best free education.
The options available may vary between intense study, hands on learning or a more laid back style of learning.


Courses required
Choose the courses that you are required to complete your high school diploma. The basic goals of education include mathematics, English, science and social studies.
Elective courses are also offered and these can be taken to make up for the required credits necessary for you to graduate. Follow the curriculum
Study and work to earn your high school diploma online by following the curriculum provided.
Many of the online high school at home courses offer free access to online seminars, workshops, lectures and instructions.
Your coursework will then be checked by the online school.
Completing the course
You should complete all the goals as required by the school.
Final testing is done online or in some cases, the applicant may have to attend a local school to complete the final exams required to pass the course.
Once you have met all the requirements, you will earn a high school diploma.

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