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How to get rid of dark circles under your eyes

Many men and women suffer from dark circles under the eyes. There are numerous causes that are responsible for these unsightly circles. Thankfully, they can be remedied by various treatments for the under eye area.

Causes of under eye circles

Before seeking a treatment for under eye bags, sufferers must first determine why they are there in the first place. Some causes of under eye puffiness can be treated quickly and easily while others may require a more complicated treatment method. Listed below are some of the conditions that cause dark circles under the eyes: - Allergies
This can be remedied by avoiding the substance that the sufferer is allergic to. Some sufferers may need to take a prescribed medicine to combat their allergies. - Vitamin deficiency
This is a common cause of under eyes circles problem. This can be treated by regularly taking a multivitamin. - Lack of sleep
Sometimes eye circles appear as the sufferer is not getting enough rest. - Nasal congestion - Sun exposure - Skin is thinning due to aging - Genetics - An unhealthy lifestyle - The shape of the sufferer's face can cause shadows that appear as under eye circles As discussed above, there are numerous reasons why a person may have dark bags under eyes. Calling a doctor
The best way to find out which of these reasons is affecting the sufferer is to visit a doctor. The doctor will conduct tests and advise which treatment method is best suited to the patient.

Treatments for under eye circles

There are countless treatments for under eye circles available to those who need them. Not all of these treatments will work. People who are trying to correct the pigmentation in this area need to understand that what works for one person may not work for another. Results
The results of these treatments will vary. Some people will find that a treatment will remove their circles altogether while other people will only see a slight improvement or no improvement at all.
Some of the many treatments that are used to fix this problem are natural remedies, applying a frozen spoon to the eye, eating a healthy diet, sleeping well, laser treatment, cosmetic surgery, quitting smoking and relaxation techniques.

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