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How to get rid of love handles?

You want to get rid of those ugly love handles, isn't it? You will have to do some exercises to get the smaller waist and burn those love handles. Before we starts, it is important to complement the exercise with a healthy diet. Now, let's start with the waist slimming exercises now.

Standing twists

This first exercise is the standing twists and it goes like that. It helps to burn some calories and sculpt your body to get rid of these love handles 1. Stand up with your feet apart in a relaxed way. 2. Turn your torso to the left leaving your foot and knee in place and then do as if you were punching someone on the left with your right hand. 3. And then comes back to the original position and do the same for the other side, that is, your right side. You should do it at least 100 times per exercise session.

The twists/crunch combo

The second is a bit more complicated that the first one but still easy to do. It helps to work your internal and external obliques. It also works on your rectus abdominis to burn the fat and make your love handles history. 1. Lie on your back and put your hands behind your head. 2. And now move your left elbow to the right and bend your right knee to your left elbow. 3. And now after going to the initial position, to the same with the left knee and the right elbow. Repeat this 50 times per exercise session.

The leg dance

The second easiest but effective, follow the instructions below. It helps to re-structure your back handles and your love handles as the same time. 1. Lie on your belly 2. Lift your head a little and both legs and then flutter back and forth for 25 seconds. You should do 5 session of this per exercise session. My notes
Practice sports daily help to keep a slim and beautiful body, so, don't forget to do some sports and it will prevent you from getting weight and these love handles. A healthy lifestyle today will prevent you from having to exercise twice tomorrow.

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