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How to get the azure flute?

It is so annoying when you cannot get an item you really need for your favourite game. The Azure Flute, is an event item used in "Pokemon Pearl Version" and other Generation IV Pokemon games. There is absolutely no way to get it through normal game-play. Here are some ways to get The Azure Flute.

What you will need?

Action Replay DS device Available from (DS-Lite-Action-Replay-Nintendo/dp/B000H5UY72)

Step one

-Push the Action Replay DS device into your DS game slot until it clicks into place. -Push your "Pokemon Pearl Version" game cartridge into the Action Replay's slot until it clicks into place. -Switch the DS on.

Step two

-Tap the "Code Select" button on the Action Replay DS main menu. It is is the green button with the white asterisk in the center of it. -Highlight the "Add New Code" button and press "A" to select it

Step three

-Insert a name for the code using the virtual keyboard -Use anything you like to indicate that it is the master code for "Pokemon Pearl Version." -Use the keyboard to type "APAE-31D0AFDE" as the code (The code is not case sensitive) -Tap the "Next" button to go back to the code screen.

Step four

-Select the "Add New Code" option again -Use the keyboard to create a name for the code. This will be the code for the Azure Flute so that something like "Flute Code" or "Azure Flute" should suffice as a reminder.

Step five

Tap "Next" and insert these codes: 94000130
00000000 Type "Next" to return to the code screen.

Step six

-Highlight the names of the codes that you just inserted and press "A" to check the boxes next to them. -Type the "Back" button, indicated as an arrow pointing to the left. -Type the "Start" button to begin the game.

Step seven

-Press and hold the "R" and "L" buttons once you start the game. -Walk into the closest Pokemart where you will find a man dressed in green. Speak with him and he will give you the Azure Flute.

Step eight

Enjoy finishing the rest of your game!


To get the game without Pokemon diamond action replay cheats, visit and click on Nintendo events. Browse through the current listings of Nintendo events to see whether an event for "Pokemon Pearl/Diamond" is coming up. Click on "Read more" if an event is being held for the Azure Flute. You will be informed about the event details such as time and location. Turn on your game and select "Mystery Gift" from the main menu if the event is available online. Select "Receive Gift" and "Get Via Wireless." The Azure Flute will appear in your inventory.

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