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How to get the best prices on J. Jill clothing

J. Jill clothing is a popular, good-looking brand sought by both young, hip women and older, more established stylish women. The lines are often clean and classic, flattering the figure. May of the items in the J. Jill line is casual and sporty, allowing the wearer great a variety of choice. The clothes look fabulous on many figure types from young, willowy girls to voluptuous, sexy plus sizes. Getting a great price on J. Jill clothing may require a little patience and a lot of savvy shopping.

Catalogue and mailing list

Check the J. Jill catalogue first. Many clothing catalogues for women offer sales and clearance items available seasonally in a special section of their catalogue. Subscribe to the J. Jill email newsletter list. If you are a member of the J. Jill email list, you'll be notified regularly of specials and sales held for online shoppers.


Shop at J. Jill outlets. Look online or in your local area phone book to locate an outlet store. Many overstock or discontinued items are sold at J. Jill outlets at deep discounts.Use J. Jill coupons you find in newspapers or online to get great prices on clothes. Sometimes if you shop through the J. Jill email list, the company will offer coupons for current and future savings. If you love J. Jill clothing, take advantage of these excellent offers.

Ebay and consignment shops

Search eBay for J. Jill clothing. Several reputable eBay sellers offer J. Jill clothing new and used in their stores. Check the seller's feedback rating before buying to ensure you are working with an honest seller. Prices on eBay are often deeply discounted for both new and gently used items. Also, have a look in thrift shops and consignment stores for gently used J. Jill items. This brand is highly sought by many women and oftentimes, they re-sell their clothing in upscale consignment shops for a fraction of the new price.

Craig's list

Place an ad on Craig's List. You never know when someone might have clothing they'd like to sell outright. Placing an ad is quick and easy and you may find some startling bargain for J. Jill clothing. Always take care when doing business on Craig's list to protect your privacy. Use email for communications and avoid listing your phone number.

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