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A guide to designing my own clothes

Lots of women today decide to either make their own clothes from patterns purchased on the high street or those who are feeling a little more confident, may decide to design and make up there own patterns. Let us take a look at the different options available to the budding designers of tomorrow.


Whether or not you choose to make a one off creation or for those of you who decide to take it more seriously, create your own fashion line .There are a lot of courses you can start in your local college which will show you the basics of dressmaking and design
Advantages Control
The up side of making your own clothing means that you are in total control. You may decide to buy yourself a pattern either online or from a haberdashery store. Once you have the basic shape of the garment you wish to create, you can adapt it to your own personal taste. It's possible to change the complete look of a dress simply by the fabric you choose. Much cheaper
Many students decide to make their own prom dresses basically because the cost of special occasion dresses such as prom dresses and in particular wedding dresses can be more expensive to buy off the peg. It is possible to search out the bargains if you are lucky. However, you have to have a really keen eye and be in the right place at the right time. Flexibility
More and more mums are deciding to invest in patterns for holy communion dresses mainly because of the flexibility and affordability. Often, there are multiple garments on the one pattern and you can find some really pretty patterns for christening robes which can work out at a fraction of the cost of a shop bought article of the same quality.

How do you start

Once you make up your mind up which option is the best for you, how do you get yourself started? Sewing machine Number one is invest in a really good sewing machine. These have really come down in price in the last few years and really decent models can be bought quite cheaply on any high street. Choose the fabric Once you acquire the machine of your choice, you can choose the relevant pattern and fabric!
Final word Of course you are not limited to dressmaking. You may choose to develop your skills further and make some curtains and such for your home. In any event you may decide to adapt your own personal dress style, who knows you could be tomorrow's fashion designer and create your own personal clothing label!

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