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How to hang drywall?

This DIY drywall guide will help you to learn how to cut and hang drywall with no professional experience.

Prepare your tools and equipment

Before you start your drywall installation, take some time to make sure you have all the tools and equipment. Proper planning prevents poor drywall! You'll need: Drywall nails
Drywall screws
Drywall finishing tape
Drywall compound
Pallet knife
Drywall board (known in some parts of the world as plasterboard)
Safety Knife
T-Square or straight edge

Prepare your workspace

If you have a friend or colleague who can help, it will make the process considerably easier. Start by clear a space around the section of wall where you need to put up the dry wall. You do not want any obstacles which you may bang into as drywall is extremely delicate.

Cut the drywall to size

Explain to your friend how to put up the drywall first. Next measure the drywall and use the straight edge and safety knife to cut it to shape. You do not need to apply a lot of pressure. It is better to make several scores than one hard one.

Start at the top

Apply some no-nails adhesive to the wooden studs. Have your friend offer up the first piece of drywall next to the ceiling. You must start at the top as any gaps at the top of the wall will be clearly visible. When the drywall is in place, use drywall screws and a hand drill to attach the board into place. It is possible to get branded fasteners like sheet rock screws.

Hang the second piece

When the first piece is in place, repeat the process for the second. Try to minimise the gap as much as you can by lifting the drywall slightly. You can buy specialised drywall lifters or alternatively use a claw hammer. Secure it in place as before.

Apply the tape

Professionals spend many months learning drywall finishing techniques. If you are inexperienced, you may find that it takes a long time to create a good finish. Apply the drywall tape across the joint and skim it with drywall compound.

Finishing tips

It may take several skims of drywall compound to create a good finish. Remember to finish corners with metal corner plates and drywall screws. Again, remember that these sections should be taped and skimmed as before. Take your time when putting up your first section of drywall. As you do more of it, your technique will improve. Do not get frustrated by the amount of time it takes to complete the job. The professionals are quick because they do it every single day!

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