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How to select a laminate floor cleaner

Laminate flooring is an affordable solution which can improve the look of any room. It can simulate practically any pattern or material. However, laminate surfaces need to be kept clean as dust and dirt particles can scratch the decorative surface of the even the best laminate flooring. Laminate floor care is easy if you know what flooring products you should use.

Floor sealant

It is crucial that after you have installed your laminate floor, you protect it by applying a fine layer of floor sealant. Floor sealants are waterproof and will prevent your laminate floor from damage caused by water or other spills. Liquids can permanently damage laminate floors if they have time to act. They can get to the core of the floor, expand it and cause cracks in the surface.

Never use

No matter what happens to your laminate floor, there are some cleaners or cleaning methods which should never be used: · Soaps and traditional cleaners not designed for laminate surfaces · Water diluted soap solutions · Oil-based cleaning solutions · Steam cleaning · Waxing and polishing will leave a film which will remove any shine · Scouring cleaners · Abrasive pads

Choose a cleaner

You have two options: · Use laminate floor cleaners which are distributed and recommended by the producer of your laminate flooring. This is the safest solution, time effective, but not always available and relatively expensive. · Use any laminate floor cleaner made for your type of laminate. You can find them in most any store.

Types of cleaners

There are several options for you more or less expensive or available: · Commercial cleaners: are available in any store. You need to read the instructions properly. If you need a cleaner to remove a special stain, check that particular feature. · Homemade cleaners: they consist of water with vinegar. They are not recommended if you have small children, allergies or pets. Otherwise, they are the cheapest solution and some consumers say they are as effective as commercial cleaners. · Green laminate floor cleaners: biodegradable ingredients which are non-toxic. They come in recyclable packages. There are really no regulations which will classify a cleaner as green except the aggressive marketing.


Whichever product you choose, you should make sure it is a laminate floor cleaner. After that, you need to consider criteria such as: allergy predisposition, environmental and health impact, and of course cost.

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