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How to have self confidence at work?

Self confidence at work begins with self confidence in yourself. What you're saying internally will determine your self esteem and what comes across to the people whom you interact with. This article provides you with some good tips aiming at building up self confidence.

Start by changing what are you saying to yourself

If you're saying negative things to yourself and questioning your self worth, then the likelihood is that you may have no self esteem. If this is the case, you'll know how low it can be at times, but don't panic. Find out how you can improve yourself with 10 ways to building confidence instantly. Step 1
Grab a piece of paper and write down all the positive things that you have done in the last week or month.
However small or insignificant that you think they might be, write them down. Step 2
Using the same piece of paper, write down all the positive attributes that you have.
Give yourself a bit of time to do this. Some example attributes might include: listening, supporting others, honesty, easy going, fun, or team player. Step 3
Now look over what you've written. You should already be feeling more confident about yourself. Remember:
It's what YOU think that really counts. Just by reading through your list each day your confidence will start to increase.

Build your confidence - daily

Get yourself into a good routine Step 4
Start each day by looking over your list and this will help you gain confidence. Step 5
Throughout the day, write down other positive things that you've done and attributes associated with each of them. Step 6
Try something new each day and see how you get on. Never fear failure. Even the most successful people fail regularly.
New experiences will also help you to develop your confidence, even if you feel uncomfortable doing them at first.

Assertiveness follows confidence

Now that you've adopted your daily confidence builder, try to become more assertive. Step 7
Start saying 'NO'!
It's something that many people struggle with.
This will allow you to focus on what you need to do (in work too), whilst also giving you a little boost at the same time. Step 8
In your one-to-ones and team meetings, start to give feedback and voice your opinion in positive ways.
Take little steps and watch your confidence grow. Step 9
Approach your manager and ask for opportunities to get more involved with the team.
Scary though as it may seem, you can do it.


Having followed the steps so far, remember: Step 10
Surround yourself with people who have a positive view on life. Self confidence begins and ends with you. You can help yourself and build yourself up.

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