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How to install laminate flooring

Laminate floors are usually made either from high-density fibres or from wood particles. The laminate overlay makes the floor look like hardwood. Laminate flooring is considered easy to install. But should you try installing them without professional help?

Installation guide

If you are advanced enough in do it yourself and constructions, you may want to try installing laminate floors by yourself. Installation of laminate flooring is definitely easier that installation of hardwood flooring. The processes of preparation and installation contain many steps. Buying the necessary materials You should first buy the laminate flooring according to the square footage of your room (be sure to buy an extra 10% more). If you do not already own the necessary tools, purchase them as well. Materials needed You will definitely need a rubber mallet, a laminate flooring pull bar, a tape measure, a coping saw, a utility knife, a hammer, nails and an underlayment pad.
What next needs to be done Back at your house, get rid of your previous flooring (you may leave tiles but you should definitely get rid of carpet). Finally, vacuum and clean your floor. Installing the laminate flooring Do not proceed to the installation of laminate flooring yet. Place it in the room you are about to install it for two-three days and allow it to acclimate! When it is time for installation, roll out the underlayment pad and connect the pieces together. Laminate flooring will either glue or snap together (known as clip flooring). Since laminate flooring is floating flooring be sure to leave clearance at each wall. Finally, install your baseboards.

Are you sure you do not need any help?

It sounds easy enough especially if you are used to constructing things by yourself. However, most sellers and do it yourself guides will not reveal you the tricky parts of laminate flooring installation. Thisis when you go through doorways. To overcome the difficulty, you should trim the snapping connections on the planks and slide them together. However, you would probably seek for professional help at that point! This is why you must be sure that you have thoroughly considered all of your choices! Installing laminate floors may turn out to be an arduous task, you may find it easier and quicker to have them installed by experts. Is it worth the pain?

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