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How to kill black mould?

Black mould is one of the most common fungi found in water-damaged and poorly ventilated homes and buildings. Exposure to toxic mould can lead to health problems including allergies, chronic coughing, persistent headaches, fever, eye irritation and others.

Find the source of the mold

Areas under the sink, cabinets, basements and waterlogged places are the favourite breeding places of moulds.
If your place has been exposed to water, check out the baseboards, walls, floors and ceilings for possible mould contamination.

Seal off the affected area

How to seal off an affected area?
Seal off the mould infested areas of your home to prevent the mould spores from spreading.
You will need to clean up each affected area separately to prevent further infestations.

Clean up

Cleaning up
You will need a strong cleaning solution to kill the moulds and prevent the spores from spreading.
You may buy pre-mixed mould cleaning products or make your own cleaning solutions.
To make your own cleaning solution, mix 20 parts warm water with two parts detergent and five parts bleach.
Pour the solution inside a spray bottle and spray the liquid directly on the affected areas.
Use a brush to scrub off the moulds from the surface.
Make sure that you remove all the moulds before you rinse the area. Important point to remember
You should be careful and never attempt to scrub off dry moulds from the surface as this will cause the spores to spread and contaminate other areas.
Also, be sure to wear mask and protective gloves when cleaning off moulds.

Air dry

After removing the moulds, wipe off the excess water using a clean rug and air dry the area.
Make sure that everything is dry and free from mould before you seal off the area.

Replace mold infested curtains and drapes

How to replace?
To prevent moulds from building up again, replace mould infested curtains and drapes with new ones.

Do some remodeling

Extensive mould infestation calls for drastic measures and you may want to consider remodelling your home to get rid of black mould.
To protect your home from further mould infestations, replace waterlogged boards and broken pipes with new ones.
Check your roof for possible leaks and use caulking materials to seal off these leaks.

Use a humidifier

Final word
Moulds do not thrive well in properly ventilated places, so make sure that you use a humidifier to control the temperature and moisture level inside your home.
A humidifier also helps in case of mold in walls.
If you follow these instructions, you will be able to know how to remove mold, and how to clean mold.

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