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What are the leading garage door companies?

Are you building your new house and searching for the best garage door? Are you thinking of changing your house’s old garage door? If you don’t have any free time or if you don’t want to spend it searching for the ideal garage door, you should read the following article. Find out all the interesting facts that you should know about the leading garage door companies.

Garador Limited

History Over the years, Garador Limited has managed to become a widely known and respected garage door company. Garador Limited is part of the Hormann group, which is the largest garage door manufacturer in Europe and one of the most popular worldwide. Garador garage doors and products Garador Limited can offer its clients a vast variety of garage doors, including up and over doors, sectional doors, roller doors and side-hinged doors. Garador Limited also provides garage door spares and operators. Registered Garador Installers (RGI) network Garador Limited has a wide support network, the Registered Garador Installers (RGI) network, which consists of independent garage door companies across United Kingdom. These companies are also trained at installing and repairing all Garador garage doors models.

Hormann Company

Hormann Company was founded by August Hormann. Hormann Company still runs as a family company, by August Hormann’s grandchildren and great-grand children, and is considered as one of the leading garage door companies not only in United Kingdom, but in Europe as well. Hormann garage door and products Hormann offers a wide range of garage doors, such as up and over garage doors, RollMatic roller garage doors, sectional garage doors and collective garage doors. You can also benefit from the vast variety of Hormann garage door operators, such as the industrial door operators and the entrance.

Gliderol Company

History The Gliderol name goes back to 1974, when the company was established. Gliderol UK company has managed to become a widely known and respected garage door manufacturer. Gliderol garage doors and products Gliderols offers a variety of residential and commercial garage doors. Gliderol’s residential garage doors include single skin roller doors, insulated roller doors, sectional overhead garage doors, roller garage doors and Rolamatic roller garage door. Gliderol’s commercial collection includes light industrial roller and garage doors with industrial operators.

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The benefits of garage door seals

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A guide to ceiling insulation

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