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How to know whether a large leather bag is well-made

Before purchasing a large leather bag, it is wise to give it a quick inspection. Places to inspect to see if the bag is well-made include the shoulder strap, the zipper, the lining and the leather.

Check the shoulder strap

The shoulder strap is the most important part of the bag for it is what bears the most weight. A broken shoulder strap is a real disaster for it makes large bags impossible to carry and can be costly to repair. The strap should be thick, sturdy and preferably adjustable. Look for ragged edges where the stitching may have come undone. This is a sign of trouble. Moreover, check the stitching around the metal loops that hold the strap to the purse to make sure that it is not coming loose.

Inspect the lining and zipper

Inspecting the lining Next, take a look at the lining. The lining of a good satchel bag or other types of large leather bag will be made of a durable material such as cotton or nylon. Cheaper bags will use a thin material that is easily torn. The stitching should be even with no loose threads that may unravel. A rip in the lining can cause real problems later on, for even small tears tend to grow. Check the pockets and compartments for gaps and loose threads. Always check the zipper Never buy a purse without first testing the zipper, if it has one. The zipper should run smoothly without tugging or pulling. It should not get caught in the material of the lining as it opens and closes.

Inspect the leather quality and go with name brands

Inspecting the outside of the purse A quality bag will be smooth and flawless. Run your fingers over the leather to check for scratches, marks or stains in the leather. Some bags may become shop-worn or damaged from customer handling. Good leather products should have no visible flaws. Quality Quality leather bags and satchels are made by Fossil, Presa, Gucci, Fendi, Louis Vuitton. Radley purses are also in demand, as well as those made by Coach and many other top-name designers. The Fossil Sasha bag is a large leather handbag with a top zipper. Website Below is a website to find the Fossil handbag and other good quality large leather handbags at a good price. (clothing) (shoes) (leather bags)

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