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How to make a bow tie look good?

Bow ties are in style again, and whether you know how to tie a bow tie or not, you can join the ranks of stylish men everywhere. As James Bond has proved for decades now, men with confidence, strength, and charm can pull off the bow tie easily and here is how they do it.

Choosing a bow tie

Know your fabrics If you look closely at bow ties today, you will notice the standard silky, shiny ones are out and new fabrics are in. The coolest and most interesting bow ties are in textured fabrics such as flannels, hopsack, cotton, wools, and seersucker.
Wear it in the way you like Bow ties do not have to always be worn with a suit jacket or tuxedo. The easiest way to wear it in a personalised way is to ditch the formal jacket and grab some leather or just roll up your sleeves. Dressing down the bow tie is the newest and coolest way to wear it. Black leather jackets with a black leather tie scream coolness, whilst rolling up the sleeves of your dress shirt shows casual confidence. Keep it in sync
Bow ties attract attention but if you don’t want to make too much of a statement, learn to blend it with your outfit. If you are wearing a striped or plaid shirt, choose a bow tie pattern of the same colours. Don’t forego black Put the black back in a formal manner and stick with a simple slim black bow tie to dress up the tux or an open black dress jacket and pants. When it comes to formal events, stick to the basics but add a contemporary touch by choosing black ties in wool rather than silk or satin. Put the style back in bow tie
Today’s bow ties are not meant to be perfect. Gone are the days of the perfectly straight and tailored bow tie look. Nowadays, a little floppy and off kilter is the way to go, as long as the event is not formal.

Choosing the bow

It is perfectly acceptable to wear strap-on ties that hook in the back or even clip-on cool ones today. However, every man should know how to tie a bow tie if he is going to wear one. The Batwing is a cool-kid look, especially when opting for slim rather than wide ties. The Pointed is a traditional look, but with the right bow tie pattern, it produces a tie with attitude. The Hourglass is a classic look, but don’t go overboard or you’ll look like a stuffy professor.

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