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How to make a football team?

If you are serious about playing football, you may decide that a casual game with friends in the park is no longer for you and look to set up your own football team. Here are some guidelines to follow for those aiming to form a competitive team.

Team mates

First and foremost, you need team-mates. Asking your immediate friends, fellow students or colleagues is a good place to start, but you must bear in mind that they may already play for other clubs. This means that you will have to wait until the close of the season to convince them to transfer their registration to your club. You should attempt to recruit players with at least some of the following characteristics: Reliability There is nothing worse than turning up for a game with ten players as someone has pulled out at the last minute. Make sure your players are committed to the team. Responsibility Your club will need a hierarchy, meaning you will need to recruit players who you can trust to take on admin tasks, coaching duties and monitor profits. Solvency Running a football club can be a costly business – ensure that all your players are in a position to pay their own way. Physical ability Depending on the standard of the league you intend to enter, your players will need to be fit and able to play 90 minutes of sport.

Gaining accreditation

With a squad assembled and responsibilities divvied out between players, you will need to gain the necessary affiliations. You must contact your local Football Association in order to become an F.A affiliated club. With your affiliation in place you are then free to join a local league. In order to satisfy the F.A and the league that you are a proper club, you must meet the following criteria: - Have a club name - Have a club kit - Have a home pitch - Have a secretary and a list of other club representatives

Preparing for the season

Equipment In order to be ready for your forthcoming league fixtures, you have to get hold of the right equipment and gather your squad for training sessions. Bibs, cones, leather footballs and water bottles are all necessities, along with a first aid kit. Spare football laces, socks, studs and shin pads will also come in handy. Training & Rapport By training together, your team can build up a rapport and understanding, whilst the players improve their fitness and technique. Finally, you should arrange friendly matches with like-minded teams and learn how to make a blog as the Internet is a great way to get your players talking to each other and creating positive relationships.

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