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How to make a slide-show?

Either for business, class or even birthday presentation, creating a high quality slide-show will make a big impact and make a great impression on everyone. Creating a high quality slide-show is not a hard task if you know the right step with the right software.


What do you need?
Microsoft Office PowerPoint, music, pictures and videos. The steps
1. Open Microsoft Office PowerPoint. 2. Select your background themes by clicking on design and choose the design that you like. You can use the selected design for one slide only by right clicking your mouse on the design you like and select apply to selected image slides. 3. You could add music starting in your first slide to give a better impression. 4. Click on insert tab and click on sound, then choose music from your file folder. 5. Then, set the music to automatic when asked. Now a speaker icon will appear and placed it on the side and tick on hide during show. 6. Your first slide should contain the title of presentation. 7. Click on click to add title on your slide music and write your title there. 8. Re-size the title to make it bigger or smaller. 9. The second slide should be filled with contents of your presentation. 10. To make the second slide, click on home tab and click new slide and select title and content. 11. By using the same step in number 4, write the title and click on click to add subtitle to write all the contents of your presentation. 12. Using step 4 and 5, start filling in your slide-show with your content of presentation. To add videos or pictures on any slide, click on insert tab and click on movie or picture icon. When you are done, click on view tab and click slide-show to view your slide-show. You could also press F5 to do this. Advice
It is better to set the slide to change when clicked only to avoid any sudden change in slide. You also should rehearse presenting in order to give a better presentation. In case you need to go back to the previous slide, simply click on backspace on your keyboard.

Positive points

Easy to use
With a slide-show presentation, it is very easy to present your project in front of many people, showing them the key points.

Negative points

Before making a presentation you must practice.

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