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How to make baby food using a grinder

Making baby food at home is becoming more and more popular with parents. Luckily, the process of creating homemade baby food using a grinder is not that difficult.

Why make homemade baby food?

Store bought baby food
Many parents do not like to serve their children store bought baby food. This is because these puree baby food products tend to be full of preservatives.
They are also expensive for families that are on a tight budget. Making baby food at home means that the child can eat a natural, healthy meal and parents will be able to save some money on grocery shopping.

How to make baby food at home?

Buy fruits and vegetables
The first thing that parents will need to do is to shop for some fruits and vegetables. Generally, parents will get better results if they buy fresh produce as opposed to frozen foods. Parents can start off by buying the ingredients that they need to make one or two different types of meals. They can then make it fresh every day or they can choose to make a large batch and store it for later use. Wash the fruits and vegetables
The vegetables and fruit should be washed thoroughly before use in order to get rid of dirt and any pesticide residue. Streaming
While many parents prefer to boil the produce, it is better to steam it. Steaming allows the fruits and vegetables to retain much of their nutritional value. Cooking time
In terms of cooking times, parents should be aware that the longer the food is cooked, the thicker the consistency will be. Older babies who are getting used to solid foods will be better off with a thicker consistency while a soft consistency is recommended for younger babies.
Prepare the puree
Once the food has been cooked, it will be time to put it into a grinder, blender or food processor. All one needs to do to use these machines is to put the vegetables into it and hit the power button. The food should be blended to a consistency that is suitable for the age of the baby.
Remove the seeds
The next step is to remove any seeds or peelings that are in the food. It will then be ready to serve.
Final word
Parents should note that there is no need to add sugar and salt as children do not need these products at this age.

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