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How to match computers & software

For novice computer users, it can be difficult to determine whether your computer is good enough to run the latest software. In this article, we'll help you break through the jargon and understand what software specifications really mean. Read on to find out how to learn how to tell the difference between HDDs, CPUs & GPUs!

Buying software

If you have limited understanding of the technicalities of computers, then it can be difficult to understand what the "Hardware requirements" sticker on the side of a piece of software actually means. The best idea when going out to buy computer software for your PC is to take your computer's manual out with you. You should be looking for the following specifications : - CPU (also known as the Processor)
This is the "brain" of your computer and its operation is measured in gigahertz (GHz). If your computer's processor speed is below that of the specification, then operation of the software will be extremely slow and may freeze. - RAM
Random Access Memory is the part of your computer that allows you to multi task applications and allows you to process multiple operations simultaneously. RAM is measured in gigabytes (GB). - HDD
The hard disk drive is the primary storage device in your computer. This is also measured in gigabytes. If you don't have enough hard disk space, then you cannot physically fit the application on your computer. - GPU (also known as the graphics processor)
For most office applications, if your CPU is sufficient, you do not need to worry about the GPU. However, for some graphics heavy applications such as 3D games and computer aided design software, you'll need a separate graphics card which can handle the extra processing load.


If you need a particular computer program or software, then it may be necessary to upgrade your computer if it is not up to scratch. Where to find parts?
Parts for computers can be obtained relatively from online computer stores. However, if you are not technically minded, you may not want to buy new hardware and open up your machine to install it. There is no need to worry as new computer components are specifically designed so that they cannot be installed in the wrong location or in the wrong orientation. The biggest challenge will be to find the correct upgrade. Seeking the advice of a computer store
The best way forward is to ask the advice of a computer store professional. They will be able to suggest suitable upgrades or if you computer is very old, then they may suggest considering new computer packages.

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