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How to perform an English to Farsi translation online

Farsi, also known as Persian, is the official language of Iran and can be traced back to 550 BCE. The language is spoken by 40 million people in Iran as well as minority populations in Iraq, Tajikistan and Afghanistan. Whether for business, education or simple communication purposes, the tips on how to perform an English to Farsi translation online found in this article will be beneficial.

Pars Online Translator

Pars Online Translator is a free tool that allows people to translate short texts of no more than 150 words. This English to Farsi translator gives the user the option to download translation software for free. The option to buy a more extensive Pars Online Translator is an option for those who like this service.

Google Online Translator

Found under the "more" tab of the Google main page, Google Online Translator offers users an opportunity to translate English to Farsi online. Users can either copy and paste or type in the text that they want to translate. However, this translation tool does not recognise colloquialisms, idioms and/or slang and will either translate them incorrectly or not at all. The Google Online Translator is beneficial to those who want a general understanding of what a text states.


Babylon translation service allows users to translate items from English to Farsi online. Users who like this tool are invited to download a more extensive version for free from the site. Bilingual dictionaries and thesauruses are also available on this site. The software available on Babylon is compatible with all Windows programs.

Farsi offers users a Farsi to English dictionary. This dictionary translates words and phrases from Farsi to English and English to Farsi. Users can put in a word to translate or read a list of popularly translated words and phrases. This tool is not useful for translations over one or two words long. It is useful if one needs to understand only one or two words or phrases. This dictionary is easy to use and understand, and will be helpful for those who need small translations. References: Pharsebase: Facts Langauge Facts - Accredited Language Services - Google Online Translation - Pars Online Translator - Babylon - Farsi to English Dictionary -

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