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How to put up shelf brackets

Shelves have a long history. They were considered a place to store things of value. In the Middle Ages, monks used them to put the books that they were working on. Later, the shelves were used to store books, which were considered very valuable. Shelves continue to be places where things of value are stored. You can create some attractive shelves with shelf brackets. With a few tips, your installation of the shelves will go smoothly.


1. Determine where you wish to hang your shelves. Measure the area carefully. Make marks with a pencil to indicate the proposed installation location. 2. Use a stud finder to locate the position of the studs. Mark their position. 3. If you cannot find the studs, you will need to compensate for their lack by creating anchors out of two inch by four inch or a two-inch by six-inch boards. Mark the location of the boards as well.

Buy the materials

Pick up the supplies that you will need. You will need two standards for the shelves, brackets enough for your shelves and wood for your shelves. Make sure that you have enough fasteners as well as a tool to install the standard to the wall. If you do not have a level,then you should buy one of those as well. If you wish to install extra-long shelves, you should buy additional vanity as well as standards. You can use shelves of any material such as glass shelves, mounted shelves, metal shelves, black shelves and more.


1. Install the standards on the wall where you wish to set up the shelves. If there are no studs, attach the boards to the wall forth to create the anchor. Install the standards on top of the boards. 2. Put the brackets on the standard and use a level to determine whether they are levelled properly. If they are not, readjust the brackets until they are. 3. Make sure that you space the brackets far enough to get the most out of your shelves. Putting the shelves close together can lessen the usefulness of the shelves. 4. Be careful also not to have the shelves be too widely apart as this can make them less practical.

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