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How to renew your UK passport

You can apply to renew your UK passport provided that you still own your old, undamaged standard UK passport. This includes both the UK adult passport and the five years UK children passport, provided it's your own. If you were only included as a child on somebody else's passport, your current passport is damaged or you need to change your name or national status, you'll need to apply for a new passport and not a renewal.

Applying to renew your passport

You can get the application form both online and offline. Online Complete the application form on and IPS will print it out and send it to you. You will need to sign it and return it with any supporting documents required. You can also request it online without completing it or call the Passport Advice line, and IPS will send it to you to complete and return on the post. Getting the form can take up to five working days.
In person You can pick up your application form on any Post Office branch that also offers the Check and Send service.

Signature and supporting documents

You will need to sign the passport renewal form yourself. If the pictures you are sending look very different from those in your current passport, you'll need a suitable person to certify them and sign on the Section 10 of the passport application form. Supporting documents
You will need to send the completed application form, two recent photographies and your current passport.
Certified photography If you currently look very different from the picture in your current or last passport, you may need a professional on a recognised profession (such as a teacher or policeman) to certify both the passport form and your picture.
You can access a list of professionals who can countersign your application and your pictures here: (travel and transport passports application information). This is necessary to prove that it's actually you in the picture.

Useful information

Fees As of 27.07.11, renewing an adult, 32-page passport costs £77.50 if you don't require a fast track or one-day service. Fast track and one-day services are £112.50 and £129.50 respectively, but allow you to get your password much quicker. When can you renew your passport? You can renew your passport before it expires, and the time left on your old one will be added to your new passport up to a maximum of nine months. How long does it take
The home office usually takes around three weeks to send new passports, unless you use one of the premium services that can reduce the time up to one day.

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