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A guide to Sick Kids Hospital, Canada

The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Ontario, Canada is the country’s leading research intensive hospital as well as being the largest hospital of its kind dedicated to treating children and improving their health in that country. To learn more about this hospital read the guide below.

Service to medicine and to children.

Sick Kids The hospital is known as Sick Kids and is affiliated with the University of Toronto. The hospital is an innovator in child health and continues to improve the lives of sick children through its methods of integrating care, research and teaching. Levels of staffing The medical staff of the hospital are from all the disciplines of professional health care and research. It uses a combination of complex specialized care and scientific and clinical advancement. It shares that knowledge and expertise by the development of an accessible and sustainable child health system. Dedication to the future Sick Kids is a part of the health care community that is dedicated to improved child health. They have a mission to provide the best in compassionate care, to be the leaders in scientific and clinical advancement and to teach the next generation of leaders in child health care in Canada.


World recognition Sick Kids is one of the largest and most respected pediatric health centres in the world. Annually treating The hospital has around 400 beds and it has around 15,000 children stay in any one year. It has over 100 clinics that treat over 300,000 visitors annually. Emergency treatment is given to over 50,000 sick children and around 13,000 operations are performed at the hospital during each 12 month period. From small beginnings A place of healing for children was begun in 1875 by Elizabeth McMaster. The first hospital had just six beds. That first year saw 44 admissions and 67 children being seen as outpatients. Research Institute This facility was opened in 1954 and employs around 1,000 people led by some of the world’s leaders in their field. They conduct hospital based research in one of the worlds pioneering research institutes. Much of the research is on genetics and cell biology. They also conduct scientific research on specific clinical problems such as cancer in children and child heart defects. Sick Kids Foundation Since being founded in 1972 the Foundation has raised over $200million towards research to enable the research to remain at the cutting edge.

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