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How to select a cooker hood filter

Cooker hood filters are important in that they help to eliminate fumes, smoke and odours during the cooking process. To learn how to select a cooker hood filter read the guide below.

Types of filters

With a blocked filter through poor maintenance or incorrect selection when replacing an uncomfortable and unhealthy environment can occur within the kitchen.
Making the correct selection
Cooker hood filters are available in two formats, they are either grease filters or charcoal filters.
Some hood extractors require a combination of the two, others just require one type. Grease filters
These filters help to prevent grease from building up in your cooker hood.
They also help to reduce the risk of a fire through the excessive build up of fat. Grease filters should be changed every six months.
Some filters have indicator stripes, when these change to red it is time to change them. Charcoal filters
This type of filters is to help with the elimination of odours that can accumulate during cooking.
Charcoal filters work best when they are renewed every twelve months.
Make and model
When wishing to renew your filters, it may be easier to contact suppliers of the filter you require directly.
Most suppliers will be able to provide you with the correct size and type filter for your hood extractor if you supply the make and model number.

Finding suppliers

Alternative ways to exchange your filters
Alternatively you can go online, some suppliers have a series of questions you can go through to find the correct sized filter your unit requires.
Many websites will also have pictures of the various filter they supply so you are also able to compare your old filter in this way. Local supplier
If you have a local supplier of cooker hood parts then they could be a good source of information to find to exact sized filter you require.
Take your old one along for a comparison. Cartridge type charcoal filters
Some cooker hoods are fitted with cartridges that are filled with charcoal granules that acts as a filter.
To replace these, it can be both expensive and difficult to source.
Many suppliers will offer an alternative of charcoal sheets cut to size to replace the cartridge.
This eliminates the need to replace the cartridge as the old one should be left in place.
In cartridges that are not sealed, it is possible to just replace the charcoal granules within the cartridge.
Mesh grill type
An older type of filter that can still be found in occasional use is the mesh type filter.
These only require thorough cleaning using a degreaser type detergent.
They should only be replaced when damaged.

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