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How to sell a domain name online?

Once you have a handle on the value of your domain name, find out where you can sell it. Your negotiation skills come into action when you start receiving offers. Finally, find out what happens when you close the deal.

What is the value of your domain name?

You can determine the value of your domain name through an online automated service which is free to use or obtain a paid appraisal that may cost you between USD 30 and USD 50. However, here are some ways that you can find out on your own: 1. There is no doubt that a '.com' values the highest over others. 2. A hyphen or more devalues the name. 3. A correctly spelled name values higher over one that is misspelled. 4. The longer the name, the lower the value. 5. Singularity generally values more over plurality. 6. Prefixes and suffixes devalue the name.

Selling your domain name independently

Selling independently usually requires that you set up a website under that domain name in question. It can be a simple webpage that states that this domain name is for sale. You may also list other domain names that you have for sale. Most importantly, include your contact information for your potential buyers.

Selling your domain name through an online service

If you are not selling independently, you may sell through a broker, auction site or a listing service. Variety
Selling via a broker is usually feasible only if you have a premium domain name or a large number of domain names. If the latter is true for you, you may use this method in addition to selling independently. Find out what works best for you. Auctioning
If you have a good domain name, try selling through a domain name auction site. If your website for sale is more valuable than the name itself, selling through a general auction site may prove to be more effective. Listing
A listing service usually lets you park your domains as well. The idea is that you can make some money off the domain while having it listed.

How to negotiate for the sale of your domain name

Negotiation usually covers the areas of receiving and making offers as well as counter offers.
You will generally come across one of either three kinds of offers: an attractive offer, a low offer and a casual inquiry. While the last two kinds of offers may not sound appealing, these may be bargain tactics of some buyers. Therefore, don't immediately discount the seriousness of such buyers. Do have some leeway for counter offers.

Close the deal

Once the price is agreed upon, you are on your way to closing the deal. The terms should be clear, as is the payment method. Then comes the actual domain name transfer itself followed by a confirmation of the transfer.

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