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How to sell yourself at an interview

A job interview is the most important meeting of a career. Its like a sales pitch. Instead of selling a product, you are selling yourself. Preparation is the key, and you need to be a master in selling your skills, knowledge and experience. Follow the basic interview techniques to get your desired job and beat the other talented candidates.

Rules (Your abilities):

1. Open body language: When you walk in, your image is the first impression. Greet with a firm handshake. Be polite and don’t speak unless asked to. Maintain eye contact. 2. Listen: Listen to each question carefully and if you don’t get it, ask again. 3. Brief: The night before your interview, prepare a short brief of about 1-2 minutes which summarises your education, skills and previous jobs (if any). 4. Be assertive: Talk about the past achievements and your strengths without being aggressive. 5. Know your CV: You should know your CV inside out which is essential for a smooth interview. 6. Confidence: Be extremely confident while you give answers. Be yourself and be honest. 7. Avoid the negatives: Try not to talk negatively about anyone (your previous job or boss).

Rules (Your awareness):

8. Research: Don’t go for an interview without having any information about the company. 9. Job role and skills: Know the job role you are applying for well in advance as it will help you match your experience, skills and knowledge in accordance with that job. You should be able to prove how best your capabilities can be used, how they can be beneficial for the company, and hence why you are the right candidate for the job. 10. Differ: Don’t compete, be different and show an interest. Don’t hesitate to ask questions about the future prospects and growth opportunities, where is the company going to be in the next few years and how can you be associated with that growth. 11. Your job role: There’s no harm is asking questions about your job role in the company. It will not only show that you are concerned about your work, but you will also know your responsibilities and position. 12. Mock interview: You could also do a mock interview with a friend/relative the night before with some simple questions like ‘Tell me something about yourself’ etc. 13. Last step: Try to ask about the decision process and ask if you can call back to check on the status of your appointment. This interview guide should be able to get you through. You have to be well prepared to sell your expertise and experience to increase your chances of achieving your objective.

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