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How to stencil fabrics?

If you wish to make your boring T-shirt funkier or want to design your curtains with your favourite designs, then stencil is the art for you. Stenciling the fabrics is a good way to make a plain and boring fabric more lively and colourful.This article will teach the stenciling techniques along with explaining the requirements for it.

What is stenciling and preparation for fabric stenciling

Stenciling is a form of decorative art, generally done on fabrics. It helps in the customisation of curtains, table linens, bed sheets, and wearable clothing. It is an easy and cheap way to obtain any particular likable design on a fabric without the involvement of any expensive equipment. Choose a fabric which is not soft
Firstly, check whether the fabric stencils has a stain resistant finish or not. In the first attempt to stencil, take a fabric that is not very soft or unmanageable. Otherwise, it will create problems during the process. Light coloured fabric
Take a fabric that is of a lighter colour and pre-wash it without using a fabric softener. Materials needed
Other than the fabric, you would require a design pattern, a sheet of glass, stencil overlays, a sharp and small matte knife, and textile paints.

How to stencil

- Firstly, draw or trace your design to be stenciled on a thin sheet of plastic. - Then carefully cut the stencil following the outline of the original design. - Now, make a thick mixture of the textile paint.The mixture ought to be thick else it will not stay at one place on the fabric. - Take a clean and even colour brush or sponge for more effect and apply the paint on the fabric.You can use masking tape to hold the delicate parts of the design on their place. - The stencil has to be removed at once. So, paint the complete design before removing it. - After painting the design completely, lift and remove the stencil carefully. - Leave the paint to dry for about a day and then iron it with a steaming iron to obtain the perfect stencil art design. Final word
Stenciling is a good and cheap way to obtain your favourite designs on your T-shirts, shirts, bed sheets, curtains and other clothes. It is just important to know the type of fabric and use the suitable stencil colours accordingly, to obtain a perfect and long lasting stencil design.

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