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How to throw a Minnie Mouse party

Minnie Mouse is a great theme for a children’s birthday party. If your child loves Minnie and her friends, you can create a special birthday party using their favourite Disney character. Read more for ideas on how to throw a Minnie Mouse party.

From decorations to food

You will need decorations to brighten up the Minnie Mouse birthday party room. Disney-themed decorations can be bought from High-Street shops and at some supermarkets. It is easy to make your own though. Minnie’s colours are black and red and so, use them as a colour theme throughout the party decor. Alternate black and red triangles to make a pennant banner to hang across the room. Invitations Send out invites prior to the party. Create them on your computer to make personalised special invites. Use white or red card. Two invites will fit to one sheet. Add borders and an image of Minnie. Let your young one help out by choosing their favourite picture. Type in the party invitation message, print out and it will be good to go. Decorate the table Party food is essential and you can decorate the table with the colour theme of red and black or red with white spots like Minnie’s dress. If your child has a collection of Disney characters, use them to hold place names. Alternatively, print out pictures of Minnie and her gang, add the children’s names to them and place them at their setting.

From food to games

Use food to compliment the colour theme and don’t forget a nice big Minnie cake. Red foods will be easy to find like jam sandwiches, pizzas, tomato pasta and jammie wheels. White can include chocolate, meringues, bread and rice. Black is trickier but you can find black and white cup cakes and sweets in supermarkets. Games The party would not be complete without games. Minnie is a fun-loving character and therefore, think of games for the kids he or she would like. If your budget can stretch, play dressing-up games with Disney costumes. Treasure hunts for Minnie’s treasure can be played with small Disney gifts as surprise finds. For the more energetic, a Minnie Mouse piñata can provide plenty of fun. These can bought in party shops. Party bags To finish, make sure that there are plenty of Minnie goodies in their going-home party bags. Find them in the High-Street, in Disney shops and online. You can also print off colouring pages and pictures of Minnie mouse that you find online.

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