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How to wash a car properly

This is one of the best ways to spend your Saturday morning and get your weekend to a good start. Washing your car properly will not only make you feel good, but will also provide a longer service life to your car's finish and keep it shining wherever you go. Start with these simple steps now.

Step one

Items you need -Two clean buckets
-Car wash soap
-Washing mitt
-Bug and tar remover
-Piece of cloth
-Garden hose
-Wheel cleaner
-Old toothbrush
-Soft terry towel
-Window cleaner

Step two

Look for a clear spot away from direct sunlight with enough room to move around your vehicle. Roll up your car windows and close the doors.

Step three

Make sure that the car's body is cool and prepare your cleaning solution in a clean bucket following the instructions of the car wash soap manufacturer on the product's label. Fill another bucket with clean water and have a washing mitt ready.

Step Four

First, remove grease, road-tar and grim from wheel wells and under the edge of your car's body using a bug and tar remover and a piece of cloth.

Step five

Rinse one of the car wheels with a garden hose, spray wheel cleaner on the tyre and rub the tyre with a brush to remove dirt and grime. Work small crevices using an old toothbrush. When ready, thoroughly rinse the wheel and clean the other three tyres one by one.

Step six

Rinse the car thoroughly to remove loose dirt and other particles that might scratch the finish when washing your car.

Step seven

If necessary, apply car soap directly to hard to clean stains and get rid of those spots using the mitt.

Step eight

Apply the cleaning solution to the roof of your car with the clean washing mitt. Move the mitt lengthwise across the surface to avoid scratches or swirl marks. Totally rinse the roof with your garden hose and remove the water using a soft terry towel. Work your way down to the front, rear and sides and under the wiper arms. Wash, rinse and dry one section at a time. Wash clean your mitt often in the bucket with clean water.

Step nine

Apply window cleaner to front, rear and door windows and remove water spots and marks from inside and outside using newspaper.

Step ten

Walk around your vehicle and look for water spots which you might have missed, before they dry out completely and make your car spotless.

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