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Hp all-in-one printers: pros and cons

An all in one printer can comprise of what were traditionally separate pieces of equipment. These could be a fax machine, printer, scanner or photocopier, for example, and could be found not only in an office environment but also within the home. Here, I will be discussing the pros and cons of HP all in one printers.


Before choosing to buy a printer, let us just consider the benefits of owning an all in one device.
Size and space economy
Firstly and foremost is the size difference and space used when compared to having separate devices. Whilst a typical office or even home may have a standard set up of equipment such as a printer, fax machine, photo copier and scanner, considerable and valuable space savings can be made by having these all in one 'box', so to speak. This will also drastically reduce the amount of cables around the home or office. Built-in devices
Nowadays, a typical HP all in one printer comprises of a printer, copier and scanner (3 in one printers). For people who still require the use of fax machines, these can also be found in some all in one machines also (a 4 in one printer). Other variations around other common office equipment are also available, such as having a built-in telephone or an answering machine. One specific location for all technical details - the manual
Another added advantage is that you won't have to worry about owning several technical manuals - all the information you need will be found in the manual that came with the machine. You should also take into consideration the fact that there will only be one warranty certificate to worry about, should the worst happen.


One mishap brings about the downfall of other useful features
One downside to owning an all in one printer is the fact that if one part of the machine goes wrong, then you could lose all the other useful features that the machine offers whilst it is away for repair. Whilst nowadays faults are few and far between, these facts have to be considered.
One at a time functions
There is also the possibility that the machine can only function as one device at a time. For instance, it may not be able to scan or copy a document whilst you are printing etc.Whilst this is not really a terrible downside,it is still worth thinking about, especially in a busy office environment.

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