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MEGA Life and Health Insurance: The facts

HealthMarkets, Inc. is an American provider of life and health insurance products. It carries out its activities through its subsidiaries, The Chesapeake Life Insurance Company, The Mid-West National Life Insurance Company of Tennessee and the MEGA Life and Health Insurance Company. HealthMarkets, Inc. is a controversial company, although it was rated in 2006 as a Fortune 1000 company. The company was under investigation for illegal practices which resulted in 20 million dollars of fines.

MEGA Life And Health Insurance: The products

The MEGA Life and Health Insurance Company offers a range of products available for freelancers, company owners and other interested individuals. The plans and benefits vary from one state to another. The main products offered by MEGA are: the MEGA health insurance plan which is personalised to suit everyone's need and budget, supplemental coverage options, and the PPO (Preferred Provider Organisation) Plans.

MEGA Life And Health Insurance: The health plans

The personalised and supplemental health insurance plans include the basic PPO plans and Catastrophic Plans. The basics are created to meet your particular needs and budget. The catastrophic plans are health insurance plans which cover unexpected, but catastrophic health problems. The Supplemental Coverage Plans strictly offer supplemental coverage options such as dental or vision coverage, accident, critical care and cancer insurance, hospital indemnity and disability coverage.

MEGA Life and Health Insurance: The benefits

As part of the Health Markets companies, the MEGA Life and Health Insurance Company provides its clients with excellent services and products. The qualities of these products are actually the benefits of using the MEGA Life and Health Insurance Company as your provider.
Personalised services The services are personalised for each individual or family. The health and life insurance plans can be changed at any given time in your life due to the flexibility of the Mega life insurance. The products are all designed for individual needs which are different in each case. The health insurance plans have been simplified as much as possible so that any client can easily understand its contents. The employees of MEGA are there to answer all your questions and to make all the modifications which you need.

MEGA Life And Health Insurance: Online services

Apart from the fact that you can access your account online and check the status of your policy, you can also download any forms which you may need from their site, There is also an online service which will answer most of your questions related to the MEGA health insurance programs in particular, or to health reform changes in general. It is a useful tool to get the answers which you need in an efficient and comfortable manner.

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