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Provident credit union: The facts

Provident is one of California's biggest credit unions. With 12,000 employees, 93,000 members and over $1.6 billion in assets, Provident is a big financial institution which can provide a full spectrum of financial services. To learn more, read this article.

Provident credit union checking and savings accounts

Checking Provident credit union provides a variety of checking accounts according to need and include checking accounts aimed at personal, business and college students customers. Savings
Savings accounts and certificates Provident provides term share certificates, money market accounts, dividend on checking accounts, youth and also business savings accounts. The most innovative savings plan is the Accumulator Account. This is a one-year savings plan which provides the same interest as a two-year certificate. With this account, the floor rate is guaranteed even if the markets should slump and the overall rate works out considerably higher than the certificate accounts. IRAs, ESAs, HSAs
Provident independent individual retirement accounts (IRA), educational savings account (ESA) and health savings accounts (HSA) deliver various returns to their respective account holders. IRAs provide a vehicle to provide long-term savings, which can be accessed upon retirement. ESAs help to gradually accrue savings which can be used for children’s college education, rather than undergoing a sudden and substantial burden upon a child entering college. HSAs provide an account which can assist with health expenses. In many ways, it works like a checking account with dividends attached. This means that if it is not accessed, then the account holder will accrue dividends in the long-term, and if it is accessed, it will provide a reasonable comfort zone, which will help with medical expenses.
Investment services Provident has financial advisors who can best advice customers as to the best investment mix and that is the one which will suit their needs. Such diverse investments as retirement, personal financial plans, mutual funds and even insurance services can all be leveraged in such a way as to provide a good overall return. The return has been both financial and tax savings in orientation.

Provident insurance offerings

In order to deliver a full insurance service, Provident has its own insurance division which is known as Provident Plus Insurance. It provides insurance under the following categories:
Property insurance covers- All aspect of home insurance, including contents as well as building insurance. Furthermore, Provident provides insurance to cover mobile property and rented property too. Vehicle insurance covers- All types of vehicles including auto-mobile, motorcycle, snowmobile, water-craft and recreational vehicles.
Business insurance covers- Business auto-mobiles, general liability and professional liability, as well as property and workers comp.
Life assurance Provident provides several options, which include term-life, term-life with returns, and express term life assurance.

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