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Review: Dirt devil broom vacuum

The Dirt Devil Broom Vacuum is a brush for hard floors that sucks up dust and dirt instead of the user having to sweep it on to a dustpan. It is not a replacement for a full function vacuum cleaner, and is not designed for use on any other surfaces. However, it is ideal for quickly removing debris such as crumbs or pet hair from flooring.

Using the Dirt Devil Broom vacuum

Power supply
The Dirt Devil Broom vacuum is powered by a rechargeable battery. The initial charging period is between 16 and 24 hours.
Cleaning floors
The Broom's vacuum is not meant to function during the entire floor cleaning process.
Instead the Broom vacuum is used like a brush to sweep dirt and dust into a pile. The Broom vacuum is switched on to suck up the pile, and switched off while another section of floor is swept. Emptying the dust cup
Once the floor has been swept, the Broom vacuum's dirt cup is removed and emptied. It is rinsed in warm water and dried, before being placed back in position.

Positive points

The Dirt Devil Broom vacuum weighs very little and is easy to use. It is slimline and can easily be stored in a narrow gap, making it ideal for use in the kitchen. It is more hygienic than a conventional brush as dust and debris are sucked into its dirt cup rather than having to be transferred from the floor surface to a dustpan It negates the need to get out your main vacuum cleaner every time you want to give any of your hard floors a quick clean, thereby saving both time and effort

Negative points

The Dirt Devil Broom vacuum is really only suitable for cleaning hard floors. Crumbs or other debris on working surfaces or upholstery have to be brushed on to the floor prior to its use.
When cleaning with a full function vacuum these can be sucked up by using one of the smaller attachments. The Broom vacuum does not immediately ingest dust stirred up by the sweeping process so some may remain in the atmosphere.
Final word
The Broom vacuum has no smaller attachments for reaching into tight corners, so it may not remove all dust and debris from the floor.

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