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The pros and cons of built-in cookers

Kitchen cookers can be free-standing or built-in type. Buying a built-in cooker can be a high expense. Since cookers are home appliances with a fairly long life, one needs to make sure that they're selecting a piece with due care to avoid being stuck with a piece which doesn't suit their requirements. If you're thinking of buying a built-in cooker, learn more of its pros and cons to help in your decision-making.


Neat organisation
Built-in cookers have a space-saving design. They merge with the other wall features of a fitted kitchen and give a very neat and organised layout to the kitchen. They're perceived as high-end items and can give your kitchen a touch of class. Better appearance
Built-in cooker designs are geared towards enhanced visual appeal. They have a more contemporary styling with sleek features and fittings. Touch-based controls for operation add to the styling. Capacity
Built-in double ovens are generally larger capacity cooking machines. This means that more volumes of food can be cooked simultaneously: a fact that is appreciated when one is entertaining large number of guests or cooking for special occasions. Features
Built-in cookers are later development than free-standing ones and carry enhanced features as a standard. These may include automatic controls and digital sensors.


Installing this kitchen needs to consider thorough planning and integration with other elements of the fitted kitchen. Most existing homes will not have provisions for these cookers. They're best suited for a new project, where one is making a fresh start or when one is prepared to do a complete remodelling. Good planning also involves deciding on the location of the cooker and taking accurate measurements since some models in the market are of non-standard sizes. In case you want to switch from an existing free-standing cooker to a built-in one, you'll need to check if there's available wall space in a location of your choice and you'll also need to tackle the void left by the free-standing cooker. Difficulty in relocation
Since the cookers are fitted with other kitchen elements, they cannot be relocated easily. This is particularly relevant if you move homes often and would like to continue with the same cooker and also if you think you may reconsider the cooker location within the same home. Cooktop range
Unlike their free-standing counterparts, built-in ovens do not have a cooktop range. This requires separate installation or combination with built under ovens and cooker hoods. Expense
Built-in cookers are more expensive than free-standing ones. A built-in cooker can enhance the appeal and comfort in kitchen operations. Make sure you are aware of its pros and cons prior to deciding on one.

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