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Sheffield Financial: The facts

Sheffield Financial is a specialist US-based loan provider, which arranges the financing for purchases of outdoor power equipment and vehicles. Since 1992, they have financed over $5 billion in consumer and commercial retail loans for dealers of most major brand names in the industry. The company prides itself on not just its innovative variety of financing products, but also on the friendly and timely service and quick credit decisions that it provides.

History and finance options

History Sheffield Financial was created in April 1992 by Jack Snow and his wife, Bonnie and four employees and $3.4 million dollars in loans. In August 1997, Sheffield Financial was acquired by Branch Banking & Trust (BBT NYSE). BB&T are head-quartered in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and it is the 11th largest bank in the United States. They offer the more traditional financial products and are advisors for mortgages, loans and investments. The retail finance programs of Sheffield Financial are available to manufacturers and dealers, plus retail customers nationwide. One example provided by the company demonstrating their customer service ethic is that they never use voice mail during normal business hours, ensuring that the customers get to speak to an operative when they most need to.
Located in North Carolina, Sheffield Financial has 150 employees. Dealer products Sheffield Financial provides revolving and instalment loans strictly for power equipment, such as power sports, motorcycles, lawn equipment and the trailers needed to transport them. They believe that they provide the competitive rates which quickly turn customers into buyers and in turn, provide prompt payments to the dealer once the sale is made. On their website are details of three relatively easy steps, which you need to complete in order to become a Sheffield Financial dealer. Consumer products Around one million people have already used Sheffield Financial’s specialised financing to take ownership of their motorcycles, snowmobiles, personal
water-craft, all-terrain vehicles and lawn equipment, as well as the one-axle trailers used to transport them. Sheffield Financial retail finance programs provide a variety of promotional choices, quick credit decisions and loan contract assistance.

Contact information

Contact details and relevant information General enquiries Sheffield Financial
PO Box 1704, Clemmons, NC 27012, 6010 Golding Center Drive, Winston-Salem, NC 27103.
Telephone: (336) 766-1388, Toll-Free: (800) 438-8892, Fax: (800) 438-8894.
Website: Departmental enquiries - Customer service email:
Tel: (888) 438-8837 - Collections email: Tel: (888) 438-8870 - Loan processing email: Tel: (800) 438-8892 - Title (Email only) email: Loan processing hours - Monday-Saturday 8am-10:30pm - Sunday 1pm-8pm EST Customer service hours Monday-Friday 8am-5pm EST. Collections hours - Monday-Thursday 8am-10pm - Friday 8am-6pm EST - Saturday 10am-4pm EST

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