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Some great blogging tips to keep in mind

Creating a blog is very easy and can be done in half an hour. Once you've created your blog and it's online, people will eventually begin to find it. When people find your blog, you want them to stay on your blog for as long as possible and to check back in the future. With the millions of blogs online, you have to stand out. Here are some blogging tips to make your blog a success:

Make your blog available

Your blog should be accessible and easy to find by anyone online. How do you do this?
Submit the URL of your blog to search engines.
Google search "Submit url to search engines" and you will find many websites that help you do this. This step is very important because many people (except your close friends and family) do not know your blog's address. Search Engine Optimisation
Search engine optimisation (SEO) will help search engines find and index your blog easily.
The easiest tip that you can try here is this: Bolden, underline and italicise some (not all) of the keywords in your blog posts. This will help your blog to get to the top of the search engines when that keyword is searched for.

Have unique and interesting content

Once readers find your blog, the best way to keep them there is to have interesting content that will keep them coming back for more. Also, you should have as much useful content as possible. Why? To prevent your readers from running out of stuff to read, hence making them think that you do not take blogging seriously. Increasing your content
The number one way to increase your content is to post updates on your blog frequently. People who daily upload blogs to their blog host/blog engine have a lot of readers. If you cannot post everyday, post every other day. Blogging daily for beginners in the blogging lifestyle might seem like a chore, but it gets easier with time. How to get to the first page of search engines
Having a lot of content on your blog helps a lot, but only that is not guaranteed to help you get to the first page of search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. You need back-links from similar blogs back to yours. To do this, use a search engine and find blogs and websites (maybe even competitors) and leave relevant and good comments on their blog posts. Make sure that if the comment box has a space for website, you include the URL for your blog there. When people see a good comment, they get interested and click on your name or avatar, and go to your blog.

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